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United Contracting Services, Inc. consists of a management team, which combined have over a hundred years of hands-on experience in petro, chemical and mining refining facilities. Our company culture encourages an evolving process that is constantly striving for improvements in all areas – these are our Fundamentals to Success. UCS specializes in fabrication and installation of structure steel and piping of any application. We have certified welders (B31.1 and B31.3) and are OK State licensed (77775) to do mechanical work in all facilities. Civil fabrication and Insulation are two sectors that we also specialize in so we can entirely satisfy our clients’ needs. Although insured, we have a safety conscious group of people that strive to meet client expectations. This group worked in Syntroleum Corp. for almost 4 years and never had a recordable accident. UCS specializes in Electrical, Instruments and Controls, in commercial applications. Licensed in the state of Oklahoma, this team has worked together for over a decade. In order to solidify our safety regime, we require: drug screening and specific trade safety, CPR, and first-aid training. Since safety is of utmost importance in the construction industry, we stress it as one of our main priorities to our employees and customers.


UCS quality and safety are two conjoined ideas that are both an individual and collective responsibility. We target zero defects in standconstruction by setting our goal of Do It Right the First Time. With our motto in mind and our established quality control program, each project is viewed individually and planned for accordingly.

United Contracting Services, Inc. is a small business in Tulsa, OK that has proven, within the industry, that our gold standard reputation stands for excellence, hence, why our clients can trust us. UCS will gladly review your projects, provide pricing estimates, schedules with fabrication labor and track all phases of the project from conception to documentation close out.

The UCS team looks forward to new challenges and to have the opportunity to work with new and/or existing clients.


We specialize in mechanical, fabrication, and installation of structural steel and piping for any applications. Our welders are certified, licensed, and bonded by the State of Oklahoma to do mechanical field work in all facilities. We use two daily shifts (am/pm) seven days a week at our main location. No matter the obstacle, our facility is well-equipped to handle your needs.


The team at UCS are skilled in electrical, controls and instruments, and outages in commercial/industrial applications. Our team is fully licensed in State if Oklahoma with all licences available on site.


Section VIII, B31.1 & B31.3

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NB & R
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Certification: Section VIII, B31.1,& B31.3  OK. Lic. #77775